Ohio Conference


About THE Ohio|fmc

We are for Jesus.
We know that God is up to something in the world. God is on a mission to SAVE the world and everyone on it.
We are a group of churches that are drawn together to serve this One True God.
In joining God's mission, we want to love the world in very practical, meaningful ways. But, we also recognize that our love will fall short of perfect. That's OK.
We will yet strive to serve one another in Jesus as each of our local-churches serve their communities.
You see, we believe God has empowered the local church to share the life-saving, world-saving gospel about Jesus the King, the Christ, with our communities.
And so with big hearts and big goals; with shared, foundational values and convictions; we

Love God, Love People, and make disciples, together.

Our common understandings about God make us uniquely Free Methodist. Our geography defines us as THE Ohio Conference. And, our lives, devoted to Jesus, make us a powerful agent of hope and change in the world.

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